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  • Tag: Mobile applications
  • Client: Quanti Ltd
  • Date: August 2012
Project page

H Hearing Aid is the Android mobile application replacing a cochlear implant that allows you to amplify human speech and suppress ambient (interference) sound. The slider can be used to adjust the frequency range which is amplified. The application, as one of the Czech Republic, was chosen to the finals of the European competition Vodafone Foundation Smart Accessibility 2012 and occupied the second place in the Independent Living category.

Several foreign articles was published about the application, among others, on the European Union web sites. The promotional video was filmed for the purpose of presentation in the Vodafone Foundation Smart Accessibility finals held in December 2012 in Brussels.

Thanks to a grant from the Vodafone company, the application has been rewritten to the native code in order to reduce response times and create a more sophisticated sound equalizer for amplifying audio frequencies so users could better compensate theirs hearing impairment.

The application has also been developed for the iOS operating system in the following year.

Promotional video:

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